CIT Corp

CIT Corp is an established cloud computing company operating out of Toronto, Canada. CIT’s Cloud IT! solution has been a part of the evolution and application of cloud computing to Not -For- Profit organizations (NFP) since its inception.

Cloud IT! is especially effective in addressing the IT needs of NFPs. There are significant budgetary and logistical advantages to using the Cloud IT! solution as against a conventionally housed IT installation. To begin with, it can be as low as one third the cost for superior functionality. Cloud IT! does not require a capital expenditure on say servers or PCs. Instead, the NFP pays monthly rent for each access point connecting a computer work station securely through the internet to the Cloud IT! apparatus. There is no issue of delaying upgrades either on the hardware or software side due to budget restrictions because Cloud IT! upgrades and updates each on a regular basis. With Cloud IT! the NFP will always be at the state of the art for a predictable and lower monetary outlay than with a conventional IT solution. Moreover, the monthly rent includes same day support thereby consolidating another cost item into a stable monthly expense. Lastly, downtime is greatly reduced because Cloud IT! is constantly monitored for performance and with very strong anti-virus protection thus reducing IT repairs and lost time for employees and volunteers especially.

Cloud IT! offers unprecedented flexibility for user location, user numbers and device use in a way not economically possible with a conventional IT layout. This flexibility is built in to the Cloud IT! system at no extra cost. Most NFPs have some variability with their staff and/or volunteer numbers. With Cloud IT! you pay for what you use so there is no need to have extra IT capacity to cover peak periods or not have enough when confronted with ad hoc project requirements beyond normal needs. For instance, a volunteer could help the NFP during off hours from their home using their own device, securely as an online bank transaction, with only the authorization to use and not copy files. The monthly bill is adjusted up or down in accordance with what is used. Planning and budgeting are easier and more responsive to changing needs.

CIT Corp supports the spirit and mission of Not- For- Profit organizations and offers a 15% discount to eligible NFPs on Cloud IT! services.  In addition to our regular discount we are also happy to provide a 2 hour no obligations consultation and up to 50% off our setup fees. 

For more information please check out our website.

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