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Deborah Gardner Evans, Freelance Writer and Editor

As an accomplished writer and editor, I specialize in delivering the clear, concise and compelling copy that you need to further your mission. From annual reports to newsletters, website copy to brochures, blogs to human interest advertorials, I can help you raise your profile in a meaningful way.

How do I do that, you ask? My past life as a journalist taught me the art of interviewing and storytelling and by talking to those who benefit from your services, I create impactful copy that raises awareness about ‘who you are’ and ‘what you do’. Even on projects that don’t require interviewing, my writing (or editing of your already-written copy) will inspire others to join you and to support your revenue development initiatives.

I have extensive experience in working with not-for-profits. Organizations I’ve worked with include the Canadian Cancer Society, CNIB, Fred Victor and ACCES Employment.

As a partner in the Helping Hands initiative, I want to help boost your website traffic. If nothing ever changes on your website, you lose out on repeat traffic. Creating dynamic content – such as a blog that’s updated every other week – turns your static website into a destination. To get you started, with the first writing contract we sign, I’ll ghost-write some blog posts for you, free of charge; up to a maximum of six posts. That’s up to three months of blog posts!

Visit my website for contact information and to see my portfolio.

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