Donna Santos Studio

Donna Santos Studio

Donna Santos Studio, focuses on visual branding solutions for print and web in the form of photography. We cater to a range of clients from small businesses to corporate mid-sized companies and non-profit. We work closely with marketing, communications, and design agencies guiding their corporate and commercial photography. Being well versed at creating customized photography and corporate videos for marketing materials, advertising campaigns, and websites allows us to better serve all of our clients needs. Our creative process focuses on storytelling for your target audience inviting them to interact with your brand and initiating a positive response with a call to action. We have a fully equipped studio in Toronto and with full commercial insurance with portable gear to fulfill any on location assignment.

As a recipient of the Helping Hands grant we are offering a 10% discount to all our custom photography and video packages.


This photography package is ideal for projects requiring photos that include multiple locations with varied shot set up. It is a cost-effective approach when building a collection of images for annual reports, websites, marketing portfolios, brochures, flyers, and newsletters.
Corporate photography images can include; office photos of team staff or partners, annual reports showcasing new initiatives, and any other situation where photos of organizations milestones can be captured and preserved.

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