Homes First

Date: January 2, 2018 Author: helpinghands Categories: Program Success Stories

A little while ago Homes First turned to c-Seven to relaunch their website.

Recently, Homes First knew it was time to revamp again and grow and iimprove their website.

Now, Homes First has turned to us once again, this time to consult on things like page content, keywords, load time and improving the end-user experience.

This involves taking advantage of c-Seven's website consulting services, beginning analyzing existing statistics and modifying elements like copy, page titles and urls and metadata to increase traffic to the website and draw the user through to what they're looking for.

Working with this organization and creating a Mantis CMS website for them is an excellent addition to their quest of having safe and stable homes available to all of Toronto's homeless.

People need homes before they can work on the rest of their lives and having a website for teaching the community about how we can help and where we can donate is an integral part of helping those in need.

Take a look at the website here and if you're interested in donating you can find information on their donation aid link here.